About Into the Light Wellness Center

A personal statement from owner and business manager, Kathy Bjorge,  about  the formation and goals for the wellness center follows -

"The overall experience I hope to bring and share with others through the wellness center is an increased sense of joy, peace , personal growth, creativity.  Providing offerings that are focused on life balance and personal health are priorities and an overall goal of the organization is to provide a shared place of connection and community​" ~~~ Kathy Bjorge

 Into the Light Wellness Center has provided:

 Individual student coaching offerings​

 Career planning and student success sessions and workshops

The wellness center was formed by Kathy Bjorge, an Artist and College Student Counselor.

Into the Light Wellness Center is currently moving to an online business based model, with the owner, Kathy Bjorge, offering consulting services by appointment and special events by request. Online classes will also be offered in the future.

The wellness center was originally  formed to support and build three small group member communities , an artists' group, a fitness and nutrition group and  a student support group, and to offer classes, workshops, and memberships in unique and individualized meeting spaces for these three groups.

Classes and Workshops have been offered  for both members and non-members with class discounts offered to those with memberships or class cards.

The  Member Library - Membership benefits included reserved times each week for each member group to have shared access to a the wellness center lending library.

Different reserved times will be available each week to each of the three member groups to be able to meet at the wellness center at times that will be determined by the overall member group availability and group requests.

Member group goals are summarized below:

Artists' Group goals -

- Foster a sense of artistic community

- Provide a space and community with a focus on creative inspiration

- Group members offer each other a venue for providing and receiving feedback on their artwork  and  discussions of artwork with each other in a supportive environment

-Offer shared classes and workshops that are suggested and selected by the artists in the group

College Student Group goals  -

-Provide students with resources and support in life planning, goal setting, major selection and career planning and student success strategies

- Offer individual and small group coaching sessions

Fitness and Nutrition Group goals  -

- Provide classes, workshops and individual coaching sessions  with a focus on health, fitness and nutritional education offerings

- Offer  small group sessions include Nutrition Workshops, Essential Oil Workshops, Intro Meditation and Yoga classes and more

-Coordinate walking groups  as a part of the fitness and health offerings